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Was tax season easier? Have more peace of mind all year round? Yay! I love being your sidekick!

Please consider making an annual—or semi-annual—donation for this service. It's similar to paying for other business services, like Dropbox, G Suite, software subscriptions. (P.S. Even though it's called a 'donation', it is a business expense and a deduction.)

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I'm copying NPR! The idea is to give you helpful, interesting content, on a regular basis. And then 1-2x a year, ask you to consider making a donation, trusting that you will when you can! My goal is to add to your life, be your companion, help you with the business chores, so you can get back to your primary, awesome work and life.

If you want to give just a little thanks for some specific help, then you might like the TIP JAR ♥ instead!  

♥This site relies on your tips and donations. Dollars pay for web hosting, staying ad-free, and time and research. So far, I've been working as a volunteer for this site. Current goal: raise enough money to make it a 1-day-a-week job. This will allow me to fill in more content, and work on navigation and design.