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Being Self-Employed is such an awesome way to work and live. The trick is getting started, and to keep going until you're established.

That's what this Business Apothecary is for!

Little bits of this and that, to help you with whatever you need. 

The goal: to make business chores easier, so that you can get back to your primary work and feel better!  

One quick thing: this is crafted for Women and open to every body. ♥

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Just getting started?  
Does it ever feel a bit overwhelming or confusing?


I've got the book just for you!  No business plans, no jargon. Get started quickly with the 1, 2, Go method! Includes checklists, ProTips, info on the 5 areas of business, encouragement and more.

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Available at Third Place Books, Elliott Bay Book Company, Pegasus Book Exchange, the Seattle Public Library, Seaview Barber Company, and on Amazon. In print and Kindle. Discounts available for bulk orders.

Questions? Email me at jennygirlfriday@gmail.com. :)