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Rewards + 

103+ Rewards Menu *New*
"Advice for Beginners" By Ira Glass, illustrated by Gavin Aung Than. Click to read on the Zen Pencils
"Creative Process" Version A
"Creative Process" Version B

Self-Management + Self-Secretary

Chores Strategy

more to come….

Time Planning
& Calendar

(In the book)



Weekly Flow Chart

Year At-a-Glance

Tax + License Dates > if you file annually with WA State

Tax + License Dates > if you file quarterly with WA State

Tax Season + Business Requirements:  Cheat Sheet and Sticker Chart

Tax Prep Sheet - For Filing with Seattle + WA State  ~ 2 pages

1099-MISC chart ~ If filing 1099s for multiple people

Tax Prep - Schedule C + SE Cheat Sheet for the IRS

All At Once Prep List for Filing IRS Taxes ~ Good for working last minute!
(Or see below for the complete process.)


Prep IRS Taxes - Step Zero:  REWARDS Menu ♥ + Reward Menu - 103 Ways

Prep IRS Taxes - Step One: WARM UP

Prep IRS Taxes - Step Two: COLLECT Stuff

Prep IRS Taxes - Step Three: CALCULATE - Basic and CALCULATE - Next Level

Prep IRS Taxes - Step Four: Check and Find Missing Stuff

Prep IRS Taxes - Step Five: File! Choose which fits your situation ~
File! - Paper 
File! - Online
File! - with Tax Pro

Prep IRS Taxes - Step Six: Store

Prep IRS Taxes - Step Seven: Reward + Reflect


How to Calculate Estimated Quarterly Tax Payments (EQ$)

Tax Season


(In the book)

Coming ...
Marketing Snapshot & more


Get Licensed!

(Not in the book)

4 Government Agencies + Requirements (Drawing)

Too Legit! ... four different ways

**Please Note: Seattle now uses FileLocal, not SELF. Updates to worksheets coming soon.....

Sole Proprietor - NO Sales Tax
Sole Proprietor - with Sales Tax
LLC - NO Sales Tax
LLC - with Sales Tax