Available for guest speaking, panels, workshops, author readings.

Common Topics:

Becoming Self-Employed is Easier Than You Think!
Getting Licensed in Seattle + Business Requirements for Self-Employed Folks
1, 2, Go Method versus Business Planning
How to be a Rockstar at Taxes / One-Box Method
Marketing / Branding / Building Word of Mouth
Setting Goals + Staying Motivated
Time Planning
Nitty Gritty Details that Make Life Easier
Common Myths about Self-Employment
How to Use Bank Accounts to Make Life Easier

Guest Speaker / Panel Speaker

I can speak on any subject related to being self-employed in Seattle.  I can adjust content for any amount of time, from 5 minutes - 90 minutes.  Whenever possible, I invite a Q&A time, and will bring handouts.  My goal is make the time as useful as possible for the audience, to answer top-of-mind questions, to share whatever information is most needed, and to encourage folks who do want to be self-employed!  If requested, I can bring books to sell at a discount.

Author Readings

Any combination of:  giving a preview of the book, reading excerpts, Q&A time, and/or sharing about the writing process, self-publishing, my work or my business journey.  If we're not in a bookstore, I can bring books to sell at a discount.


I love doing hands-on workshops!  My goal is to share essential information, and then to dive in and get some things accomplished.  I'm only happy if attendees are smiling and feeling relief and excitement about whatever we've created or completed.  Some common options are:  Branding, Marketing on one Hand, Getting Licensed, Tax Parties.

Nickel Advice Table

Do you have a group of folks who need specific, targeted advice or information?  This offering includes a series of 1-on-1 personal, quick consults.  You can pick how long the time slots last, suggested 15 - 20 minutes.  Nickels are optional, though appreciated!

Email jennygirlfriday@gmail.com to learn more or to arrange a guest appearance.  :)

I really love speaking and working with adults!  I have a fair amount of experience and training in this area.  Some of my previous roles include:  Adjunct Faculty at Seattle University, Peer Coaching in Shoreline, Leader at Weight Watchers, Staff Development Committee in Shoreline, Art Specialist/Teacher Trainer, Staff Development for Teachers, Assistant Teacher of Communication Skills Workshops & Team Building at Westinghouse, Yoga Teacher...and in the old days, Trainer at Starbucks and the Old Spaghetti Factory!

I always strive to make every minute useful and relevant to the audience, to make it fun and engaging, as well as informative.  I can adjust for a variety of personality styles, and work to make everyone feel welcome, safe, and free to participate.

Email jennygirlfriday@gmail.com to learn more or to arrange a guest appearance.  :)