Hi! I’m jenny,

Aka Jenny Girl Friday and Jenny MacLeod.

I think our world is better when we have more happy people. And more people are happy when they love their work. For many, this path is self-employment. Which is awesome once established, but can be hard to start!

My mission to to help more people choose + build work they love. Part of that is helping people to not get stuck, to keep going!

Work and Clients

I help women become self-employed, or develop their business if they already are.  (And a few men.)

Most clients / readers work as artists, healers, or caring professionals. Here's what we all have in common: we're all passionate about our work, and love to do things our own way!

I've been doing this work since April, 2013....and got to learn and grow alongside my first clients:  Roxie Hunt, Claire Gardipee, Heidi Bracher, and Jeff Williams.

Hobbies and Interests

Currently:  complex table-top games (Scythe, Agricola), I hate to admit this…..CrossFit. Before that, Iyengar yoga for 11 years! Exploring the meaning of life while sharing classic cocktails with a friend, doing a puzzle while watching 30 Rock. Keeping a Dream Journal. Laughing with my teenagers, foraging for morels with my husband, Alex, hanging out with the Old Time community.....and sometimes, traveling to see art history.

Favorite Shows & Movies: 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, Lost, the BBC Pride & Prejudice, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Grey's Anatomy (the first seasons), Best in Show, Apollo 13.

Hope to do more: Letterpress, painting, going out to see friend's concerts, flower gardening.  : )

Life in Seattle + Alaska Grown

I live in Green Lake with my husband, Alex, a self-proclaimed polyhobbist, and now just one teenager. Our daughter is in her first year of college at Reed! Believe it or not, they are super fun!  Our house is half-finished, with holes in the floor, my son has a wrench for a doorknob, and many windows are temporary.  My roles include electrical work and digging trenches.

As a polyhobbyist, Alex brings many interesting things into our lives:  old time music + square-dancing, foraging, wood working, roasting things in the front yard, canoeing, orienteering and more.  Check out his blog: and/or the Old Time scene at:

I've been here since 1995 and think Seattle is the most amazing city to be in.  I have loved it here.  (Though have many concerns about its current growth.)

I grew up in Alaska with my mom in the city, and my dad in the wilderness.  My mom often handed me self-improvement books to read, while my dad taught me to use an ax and cut fish.  Both were good at math and very resourceful, so I was set up at an early age to be a Jill-of-all-Trades.

What's your story?  

I'd love to hear it.  Click here to get in touch.  : )


*From Parks and Recreation, Season 5, Episode 13