• Rewards Are Important + Rewards Menu

It is SO important to give ourselves rewards...and on a regular basis.  For chores, celebrations, or just because. (They are essential for tax season.) 

Who would run a 5K if we didn't get some swag at the end? Who would keep playing video games without achievements and level-ups?  They keep us motivated, feeling satisfied, and happy.  They are an important part of self-management.

Strangely, one of the biggest reasons we forget to reward ourselves is that we're often too tired after a big push to decide!  The solution?  Decide ahead of time what kind of rewards you like to get. It's good habit to assign specific rewards to specific tasks, and, to have a general list, for when you need one on-the-go.

Make up your own, or print the one below.  Fill it out, and hang up somewhere visible.

Click on the image to get a downloadable PDF.  You can also find this menu along with other helpful tools on the Tools For Download page.

: )  Jenny Girl Friday

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