• How to Order 1099-MISC Forms (free!)


Not sure if you need 1099-MISC forms?  Read about them here.

When:  Order in Nov or Dec
Forms Due:  January 31
Estimated Time:  3 minutes
Cost:  Free
Frustration Factor:  1 out of 10

If you plan to use paper 1099-MISC forms (1099s for short), you'll need to order them from IRS.gov.  It's not possible to simply print them off ... because they are carbon forms. 

Here are the steps.  There are screenshots are below.

1.  Go to IRS.gov
2.  Select "Forms & Publications" ~ Top right side
3.  Select "Order Forms and Pubs" ~ Left side
4.  Select "Online Ordering for Information Returns and Employer Returns"
5.  Scroll Down to see chart of forms
6.  Notice there are two empty boxes for each form ~ one is for 2017 forms, the other is for 2018 forms
7.  Keep scrolling until you see 1099-MISC
8.  Put the desired number of forms that you need in the left box, for 2017 forms
9.  Put a number 1 next to the Instructions
10.  Scroll down to the bottom and select "Add to Cart"
11.  Follow the checkout process

The first picture starts on the "Order Forms and Pubs" page.


The Chart of Forms - The actual chart is longer than what's shown here.


The beginning of the checkout process.


To read about 1099s + w-9s, click here.  (Coming soon.)
Need help filling out your 1099s?  Click here.  (Coming soon.)

Great job staying on top of things for tax season!

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