What's Your Tax Prep Style?

Dear Readers, this is an evolving blog post. I’d love to get your feedback on which terms / descriptions work or don’t work for you!

Work with your nature. 

This is one of my favorite guiding principles. And it's more important than ever when it comes to chores or anything that feels tedious, new, overwhelming. 

What style fits you? ....when it comes to working on IRS tax prep?
(Nicknames are works in progress.)

♥  The truth?: I ignore it until the last minute, then scramble and get it all done. (Phoenix)
♥  I like to start as early as possible. In fact, I already have! I work steadily until the job is done finished. (Early bird)
♥  I do best breaking up a task. I prefer to work over several sessions. (Marathoner)
♥  I like to do the job all at once, on a planned day. (Personal work party)
♥  None of these fit exactly/I'm a mixture. (4 Leaf Clover)

The idea: choose your style. Name it. Claim it. Plan for it. Be at peace with it. Below are a few ideas for each style.

P.S. If you're new to this, I suggest reading the Marathoner description as well as your style.


Do your thing! No reason to fix something that works. When the time comes, find this email and these tools to offer some help: All-at-once Prep + CalculateBasic. If needed, here's an article if you get stuck somewhere. Perhaps, mark off a day or two around 4/12, 4/13, 4/14 to do the work. Lastly, if you can, clear your calendar on 4/15 or 4/16 to take a break, go to the spa or drive out of town to reward yourself and recover. (I'm keeping this short, because your mind is busy with other things right now. You'll get to this later.)

Early Bird 

This message to you might be too late because you're probably finished. In case I caught you in time, here's an article that outlines the whole process. And a worksheet to capture all your numbers: CalculateBasic. You'd probably like to fill out this second sheet as well: Calculate Next Level. Before you get too far, please be sure to choose a reward for yourself. Set aside some money for it and plan whatever time it takes. Yes, you start early because it's your nature, there's an urge to. That's cool. Still, let's reinforce and reward that nature! We want to keep you happy in your job. If you feel a bit guilty, then it's probably the right amount.
Oh, and here's an article on filing options. As you know, it feels so good to get the appointment for the actual filing on the calendar, whether it's meeting your accountant, filing yourself online, etc. Heads up, there are a few changes this year! A new 1040 and a few new rules. I'll be sharing about that soon. I'm just mentioning it so you plan in a little extra time. If you'd like to dive into research now, here are the 1040 Instructions, start on page 6. 


Slow and steady wins the race! And, "Life ain't a track meet, it's a marathon." Ice Cube. You know that working slowly over time means less impact on your life, the pain can be spread out. If you've done this before, you've probably got a system already. If you're new / as a reminder to experienced folks: plan several work periods over the next 4 - 6 weeks. Prep time really ranges from 2 hours to 12 or more. Just take your best guess and plan in the time. You can pick a regular day + time, like "Fridays from 1 - 3pm", or choose a time block like "1 hour" to fit into your weekly schedule.  
One option is for you to follow along with the Sidekick Service Tax Prep series coming out soon. I've broken the process into 6-7 steps, and will send an email about each one...so you can follow along with me. If you'd like to space it out yourself, take a look at this article, with worksheets for each step. Or, look at this All-at-Once Prep Sheet to plan your own sessions. I also suggest choose a little treat for each work session and a big Reward for when you're all finished. 

Work-Party Girl

You like to get in the zone; to give this task your whole attention, all at once. Like gearing up for party or 5K, you want to collect all your tools and resources, create the space, and get it done, and done well, and then shut the door and be finished. Tips for you (if you're new/need reminders): schedule three days on your calendar: 1- Personal Tax Work Party, 2- Time OFF to recover/reward yourself, 3 - Follow-up Tasks.
Create a space in your house to collect all of the things you'll need. Tax documents coming in the mail, bank statements, receipts, etc. Perhaps print out this sheet Collect Stuff. You can use it to slowly collect items prior to your Party day, or, do it first thing that morning. Consider getting a friend to hang out with you. Oh, and if you're the cook in your house, arrange for someone else to handle meals or to go out for dinner. Be sure to have a breakfast and lunch you love, plus snacks on hand. On that day, I suggest printing out these two sheets:  All-at-once Prep + CalculateBasic. Here's an article if you run into questions.

Four Leaf Clover 

Perhaps none of these fit, you're a combination, or you're new to this and just don't know. Or, maybe you're a rebel and as soon as someone tries to type you, you don't like it! That's cool. I get that we're a spectrum and not everyone fits into boxes. A few ideas. First, find a way to name your own style. Think about what's true, even if you're different/changing all the time. The reason? It's empowering to claim what we do naturally and then we've got a strategy to stick to.  
Next translate your style into some logistics. Do you want to plan ahead, wait until inspired, ignore? Three Options for you. 1) read through the tips for the other styles, and whatever sounds good/calming/easy, then do that. 2) Plan to follow along with the Sidekick Service emails over the next 6 weeks. If it sounds good, do the work suggested for each. Then, if you want to jump off at any point, please do! 3) Look at this All-at-Once Prep sheet. Or skim this article. Then ask yourself this, Now that I see all the work involved, how do I want to tackle it?

Once you discover your name + system, I'd sure love to hear about it. Please email me at jennygirlfriday@gmail.com

I'm excited to hear what you think of these Styles + Tips! 

I got to be on the Soulful MBA podcast! Airdate: September 17, 2018

This was my first time being on a podcast, and wow, what a pleasure!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Here’s the Link to listen in: Episode 97 | Jenny Girl Friday: Why Every Business A Sidekick

It’s called Soulful MBA Podcast, hosted by Jeni Barcelos and Sandy Connery. A truly dynamic duo, helping healers and wellness professionals develop thriving online businesses. Read more at: soulful.mba.

Ever feeling like license + tax stuff is super confusing? You’re not alone! In this episode, we get real about the challenges of following tax + license deadlines (and even get to complain a little bit.) I share some strategies + tips, as well as my origin story and the deal I made with my husband.

Read on to find out:

♥ how to get your FREE 1,2,Go Chapters
♥ more resources (including my go-to CPAs,)
♥ and to hear a little more to the story………. :)

A little about the 1, 2, Go Section …… and how to get it for Free

This is the ♥ of the Book. It’s a blue print for getting started. Instead of a business plan……

1 - Get Licensed
2 - Get First Customer
Go - Do your work + Set up Shop!

Section 1 is crafted exactly for Seattle. If you live in a different city, you can use the info to help you investigate what you need in your home town. Sections 2 + Go work anywhere!!! Get started quickly, build momentum, and lay in some useful and helpful habits from the beginning.

To get 1,2,Go for FREE ………simply sign up for Sidekick Services via email. (You can leave the list any time, and there are no strings attached, no up-sales. If you stay on the list, we may ask for a donation from time to time. Like NPR or Wikipedia.)

If you’re already on the list, email me at jennygirlfriday@gmail.com, and I’ll send it to you!

Resources and how to get help

There was a great question in the interview……….how do people normally get help with all this? Meaning state, city, and county taxes, in addition to IRS taxes. I answered what’s typical, that many people miss these details, how many CPAs only handle IRS taxes……and help is hard to find! (That’s why I do what I do!)

However, I forgot to share that there is some help! Here are some strategies and resources.

1 - Many CPAs will help with local taxes! You just have to ask them.

2 - If you live in Seattle, here are my Go-To CPAs. They already include local taxes in their offerings. Luke at TimberTax.co and Alexandra at HipsterMoney.com. They’re both super friendly and fun to work with and know their stuff!

3 - Sign up for my Sidekick Services. I send email reminders for meeting all local tax + license deadlines. If you live in a different city, use these reminders………as prompts to reach out to your city, county, and state to learn more.

4 - Call each level of your local government, and ask what help is available! Many city and state departments have classes, webinars, handbooks…….and will sometimes even offer 1-on-1 consulting for free! If you’re not sure where to start, call your city and ask the business specialist everything you need to know, and which government bodies you’re a part of. (Such as county, bureau, non-incorporated, etc.)


More to the story………..answers I forgot because I was nervous!

More on our Origin Story + How we’ve had to DIG DEEP

After my husband’s first year off, we committed to both being self-employed—because we came to believe in it as a lifestyle, more nourishing to our souls, to be with our children more, and to just see if it could be done in Seattle!

To that end, we built an Airbnb in our basement and emptied half our retirement. (Scary!!)  Alex is a musician, and plays fiddle and calls square-dances. He might go back to Camper Vans, he’s also considering other creative work he wants to do. It has been quite a journey! We had to dig deep a lot, and only this year is it starting to get a little easier. 

Favorite Rockband

I couldn’t think of one, because I make a ton of Mix CDs of Hip Hop! Current Faves: Cardi B, SZA, Big Sean. Older Faves: T-Pain, Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Missy Elliott, Rihanna

Favorite Hero from Fiction

Liz Lemon, maybe? I wanted to think of a Woman hero…….but they are far and few between. I mostly read non-fiction, and for TV/Movies, I mostly re-watch old favorites: 30 Rock, Parks+Rec, Grey's Anatomy, Lord of the Rings, Pride and Prejudice. I do LOVE the women characters in Black Panther!

A Thing I Say a Lot

To my kids: Did you brush your teeth?

To my clients and friends: If you had a magic wand……what would you do?

Wanna get Sidekick Services? Click here for tax + license reminders, walk-throughs, motivational tips and more. Asking for an annual donation of $5 - $120. Tailored for Seattle, still super helpful in other cities.

Looking for the Book? Click here to find on Amazon. Click here to find in local stores.

♥ ♥ ♥ Thanks for tuning in! I hope to meet you one day….whether in person or in email. And would love to be your Sidekick. ♥ ♥ ♥I think Self-Employed women add vibrancy to our communities and are a gift to the world. You are my hero!

:) Jenny Girl Friday